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Eagle and the Condor

May this message resound to all the peoples of the world that our time has come to fulfill our ancestors’ prophecies. “When the eagle of the North, flies with the condor of the south, the spirit of the land, she will re-awaken.” Inca Prophecy “In Prophecy, the knowledge keepers of our nations, foretold of a time... when people from the four directions of the world would come together.” Onjisay-Aki ‘When the Eagle and the Condor come together, to fly in the same sky, a new level of consciousness for humanity will be created.’

According to the Anishinaabe prophecy and Prophecies from around the world – they told that there would be a time when the New People of all races will emerge. It would consist of human beings of different colors and traditions that will come together on a basis of respect, honor, One Voice & One Heart of Freedom. Are we the New People as indicated in the Prophecy?